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The Delta State Waste Management Board was created in year 2004. The board is saddled amongst other things with the responsibilities of ensuring a clean, hygienic and healthy environment with the ultimate objective of avoiding the incidences of epidemics in the State. In line with the provisions of the law establishing the Delta State Waste Management Board and is being practiced in the Delta State Public Service, the Board perform the following functions, and that is to:

(a)      clear refuse from designated refuse dumps and bins along the streets and corners of the villages, towns and cities in the State;

(b)      manage the disposal and recycling of refuse and other waste materials in a manner that will cause little or no harm to the environment and people living in the State;

(c)      acquire and maintain refuse dump sites and recycling facilities in all the Local Government areas of the State;

(d)      procure and maintain all vehicles and equipment necessary for proper management of refuse and waste materials in the State;

(e)      control, recycle and manage effluent discharge, industrial and domestic waste from households and companies operating within the State;

(f)      license, register and regulate the operations of all waste management companies in the State;

(g)      formulate and foster private sector participation schemes in waste management in partnership with registered waste management companies;

(h)      educate the public on the importance and different methods of waste management for the purpose of maintaining a clean and sustainable environment and improving public sanitary habits and health standards;

(i)       monitor and enforce compliance with waste management standards and practices prescribed under the law;

(j)       monitor and evaluate from time to time as the Board may determine the possible effects of the dumpsites waste on the environment and cost effective restoration;

(k)      develop the skills and knowledge of its employees and provide facilities for training, education and research;

(l)       undertake research in waste management methodology and technology;

(m)     establish waste treatment and recycling facilities in the State;

(n)      advise  Government in the formulation of  waste management policies and in the preparation and review of action plans on waste management; and

(o)      perform such other functions as may be prescribed by a law of the House of Assembly.

 In line with the provisions of the law establishing the Delta State Waste Management Board, a Chairman who is the Chief Executive Officer; and three other members, drawn respectively from each of the three senatorial districts of the State are appointed by His Excellency, the Governor of Delta State.

 Administrative Structure/ departments: Delta State Waste Management Board has the following departments:

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Mr Jude Onya

Member Delta North

Hon. Bazim E. Chinye

Board Chairman

Hon. Matthew Mofe Edema

1st Member Delta South